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Here you can see a few examples of the topics covered, and places visited thus far on our show.  We cover everything a person needs to know in order to produce successful looking paintings!


But we also try and cater to those of us who simply appreciate, or collect art.  Either way, we hope that everyone will find our show educational, and entertaining at the same time by gaining access to the professional artist's practices, lifestyle, and community.


Below are just a few topics that will be discussed once aired.  And if you’re a "beginner" don’t worry - like most new things these topics may sound much more complicated than they really are.  Our job is to make painting simple, but also meaningful, giving the artist the "tools" they need to do what they never thought possible!!

  • Painting supplies

  • Problem solving techniques

  • New color wheel theories and how to "really" mix any color

  • How to paint realism from imagination

  • Pros and cons of using various color pallet theories

  • Understanding various lighting conditions

  • Changing your painting process according to your subject

  • Framing and storage of your work

  • How the clothes you wear can make painting easier

  • Pros and cons of various painting supports

  • Pros and cons of various studio lighting and setups

  • Selling or reproducing and sell your work

  • Pros and cons of using reference photography

Learn all that our show has to offer in the video above!

The  Complete  Painter  Scrap book

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