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DVD Return Policy

Remember to see our online samples at the Complete Painter website to be sure the contents are of interest to you. 

Because of the nature of the product, returns are not accepted.  However, we are more than happy to replace a DVD that is defective free of charge.  If so, please notify us within 2 days of delivery, and we can make arrangements to pay for return shipping and mail a replacement.   Be sure it's not an issue with your player first, however.

And keep in mind, your purchase of this DVD and others in our extended length DVD series is a donation helping us raise the funds for final production, distribution and close-captioning costs for our new PBS how-to painting show.  Read more to learn about this DVD set and others available.  Thank you

Feel free to write us with any questions, and thanks for supporting our non-profit educational organization.

This tutorial series includes 8 - 1/2 hour shows!  They cover everything one needs to know in order to paint their best - right from the start!


  • Learn the pros and cons of buying materials

  • Composing Your Reference Into a painting

  • How lighting is represented with paint

  • How artists truly portray a 3-dimensional look 

  • How to use photos for reference properly

  • How to combine photos or paint from imagination

  • Using mediums to achieve the effect you want

  • Mixing tips on matching colors

  • Understanding the color & light within shadows

  • How to change the season of your reference

  • Outdoor painting tips

  • Painting colorful & believable snow scenes

  • Painting falling snow techniques

  • Understanding Artist's Perspective

  • Painting the Illusion of Distance

  • Reproducing & Selling Your Work


After reviewing and explaining several very important subjects, we start right from the beginning and design a composition from imagination.  We then apply the methods and techniques discussed to our actual painting.  This helps the viewer apply the same methods to any composition they choose themselves - not just copy what was painted on the video. 


We continue by painting 3 more pieces featuring the subject of snow.  Learn how one can take a reference photo and change the season following our simple, but professional looking, common sense approach.


The entire process is shown, leaving nothing out!  This series is a great compliment to our new show "The Complete Painter" and it's "Color Mixing Series" DVD.


Many other related subjects, studio tips, and rare painter’s advice is also given during this series, making it an invaluable resource for most painters looking for new and innovative instruction. 

Jeffry’s unique way of explaining why things are done, before how they are done, really helps students paint what they want or imagine.  Also explaining the basic science behind many painting “rules” really helps students’ understanding of subjects often thought of as confusing.


Thanks for watching and we hope our videos help you reach all your painting aspirations!


This 8 show Painting tutorial & Painting Snow Series is yours for a $50 donation.


We pay shipping!


Only offered within the continental United States. 


Orders normally ship within 1 – 2 business days.


Order securely using


Packed with time-saving tips & professional information.  These shows concentrate on painting with any opaque (non-transparent) paint such as oils, acrylics, alkyds, gouache, etc.  But most of the information can be applied to any drawing or painting medium; helping you paint nearly anything you want!


Look for further instructional DVDs from Jeffry on subjects like understanding perspective, computer composition, painting railroads, painting history, editing photos for painting, and many more!


Any further questions before ordering?  Just write us at

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See video samples or content snapshots below!

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