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Like to see this show on free TV?

Watch or read below how you can help us distribute this show to YOUR city!

Contact your local PBS station and request

our show using the PBS station finder

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PBS station finder

With viewers being our main priority, help us bring this “home grown”, commercial free show to YOUR own city! 


A bit like a quality micro-brewery, we actually prefer to stay small and rely more on effort and creativity - without a big crew slowing things down, or a blotted budget feeding unnecessary spending.  So every dollar you contribute here… really does make a difference!  Really!   


And since we, in turn, try and support all those featured in the series, you may just be helping out a local artist or interesting neighbor in your city!   In time, more of our budget will fund travel expenses.  So don’t be surprised to find us right around the corner… in your city!


Let us know what public station, or format you would watch such a show?  We’ll note it and do our best to make it available to you.


Monetary or purchase donations can be made securely using the links below using Paypal.  And we NEVER sell or share ANYONE’S personal information – That’s defiantly not our “business”.


Monetary donations can be any amount you choose.


Our Fund Drive video below explains more for those interested.  Along with our many other show samplers, our About Us video “The Complete Painter A – Z” also explains what we do in detail, including many actual show excerpts.


Be sure to keep in touch, or look for updates here and on our Face book page!


Thanks again to everyone!!! )  Jeffry

Help us produce & distribute the show in your own way!
Paintings & Prints For Sale
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Instruction DVDs For Sale
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