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Color Mixing Science 3 DVD Series


Color Series Contents:


  • 3 DVDs (extended shows 1, 2 & 3 including material only on DVD) approximately 2 ½ hours


  • Painting demo “solitude” - initial idea, reference material, composition demo, & painting


  • The Origin of Seeing Color videos - parts 1 & 2


  • The Recipe for Mixing Colors demo video


  • Testing Color Theory demo video


  • Choosing Colors For Your Needs video


  • Using the Color Wheel Correctly video


  • Affordable Studio Lighting Setups video


  • Pros & Cons of Studio Lighting Types


  • Color Mixing Guide insert


DVD Series Description:


From grade school to graduate school we’re taught that mixing the hues red and blue together produce violet.  But it’s never explained WHY???


You may ask why is it even important to understand the actual process?  Because if you don’t, you’ll either waste an enormous amount of time (and money buying expensive paints) guessing how to make the colors you want!  Or you’ll spend months, maybe even years, trying to memorize color chart formulas – still not really understanding how they came up with the chart?


Furthermore, some of what is taught in all levels of color theory education is actually wrong, making matters worse than having no instruction at all!


This is the reason Jeffry has researched this particular subject extensively for his own personal benefit when learning to paint himself.  Then after becoming an instructor, designed a course explaining, and literally showing, why mixing colors changes them as they do.  Understanding this helps in many ways - including determining which colors you even want to buy, and how many – without a teacher deciding for you.


And since the REAL goal is to actually create some nice artwork, he then uses what we learned to do what most painters do daily – make a professional looking composition out of some photo laying around the house (or stored deep inside your smart phone).


Learn how to create a desired “mood” thru your color mixing, along with many other time saving, practical tips on working in the studio.


Note! Painting demo is done using oils, but mixing demos and other color science instruction applies to all painting mediums.

DVD Return Policy

Remember to see our online samples at the Complete Painter website to be sure the contents are of interest to you. 

Because of the nature of the product, returns are not accepted.  However, we are more than happy to replace a DVD that is defective free of charge.  If so, please notify us within 2 days of delivery, and we can make arrangements to pay for return shipping and mail a replacement.   Be sure it's not an issue with your player first, however.

And keep in mind, your purchase of this DVD and others in our extended length DVD series is a donation helping us raise the funds for final production, distribution and close-captioning costs for our new PBS how-to painting show.  Read more to learn about this DVD set and others available.  Thank you

Feel free to write us with any questions, and thanks for supporting our non-profit educational organization.

See our Color Series video sampler

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Color Series  Scrap book

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