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lesson payments

lesson payments

Please call to confirm availability before ordering!

Questions?   (219) 718 - 5723  /

Hello all, Jeffry here! 

Here you can sign-up and pay for individual lesson pachages

Below you will find links to pay for the appropriate payment - arranged ahead of time.

If for some reason I cannot offer you the lesson as agreed upon, your payment will be refunded through Paypal using their nornal refund policy - usually takes 2-3 days - as does their payments to me.

If wanting to pay in person, please contact me to meet when I may be at one of the locations, or to set up paying the start of class.

Thanks and let's get to painting!  Jeffry


Besides paying in person, I also take payments here online through the secure payment service PAYPAL.  No PAYPAL account required.  They charge a small fee (around 3%) for their service.

NOTE!  Because we depend on enrollment, refunds cannot be made once the session has started.  For the sake of everyone, please try your best to attend once you are signed up.  let me know if any issues, etc. ahead of time and I'll do my best to accomidate you.  Thanks a bunch!

Lesson packages

Painting I Crash course

(call to discuss lesson location - travel fees may apply)


This month-long course meets weekly and covers everything a new, or less experienced painter needs in order to complete a simple professional looking painting – and prepares them for independent study or my intermediate class Painting II.


Painting 1    4-class Workshop contents:

  • Various artist supplies are first thoroughly covered

  • Making the colors you want or actually see is demoed then practiced.

  • Next a very simple, small practice painting using our new color mixing skills will be done together as a class.

  • Last, students first learn how to choose or create an image that not only makes a good composition – but is also easier to paint successfully. Then complete the painting.


This workshop uses oils, but information can easily be applied to other mediums.

1 private lesson - discounted price

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Private lesson

Sale price (with coupon)




($60 value)

standard Supply List

  • Oil colors – any size:

         Titanium White (save buying a larger tube if possible - ex. 200mil. )

         Cerulean Blue

         Ultramarine Blue

         Cadmium Yellow (or Cadmium Yellow Light)

         Cadmium Red (or Cadmium Red Light)

         Alizarin Crimson

  • Variety pack brush set (discussed the 1st class - best to wait and buy then)

  • Trowel-shaped painting knife (2-3 inch length - steel recommended)

  • 8x10 canvas (stretched or canvas board)

  • 20” x 30” white foam core sheet (for painting pallets)

  • Odorless or low odor paint thinner (quart - or gallon sized recommended)

  • Pencil and paper for notes

advanced lessons - independent study

This class is for those who have previous experience with me or elsewhere.  Supplies should be discussed ahead of time since specific lessons may depend on that.  Any opaque paint is acceptable including: oils, acrylics, alkyds, water mixable oils, etc.


  • Students will get help painting subjects of their choice, with a featured topic discussed or demonstrated each week – including reference photography, taking photos of your work, creating dramatic lighting, advanced color mixing, artist’s perspective, painting specific subjects such as water, trees, mountains, glass, figures & portraits, etc.

advanced independent study supply List

Since advancedstudents should have had some experience before, bring the 

supplies you normally work with.  However, paints should be some type of opaque paint such as acrylics, oils, water-mixable oils, alkyds, etc.  Cheap paints such as temperas, or transparent paints such as watercolors should not be used for this class.

  • Colors recommended, but not required:

         Titanium White

         Cerulean Blue

         Ultramarine Blue

         Cadmium Yellow (or Cadmium Yellow Light)

         Cadmium Red (or Cadmium Red Light)

         Alizarin Crimson

  • Odorless or low odor paint thinner if using oil-based paint

  • Pencil and paper for notes

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