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Tracy Tauber

oils / acrylics


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artist biography

Artist Tracy Tauber uses the traditional medium of oil paint in her work in a very non-traditional method; she makes the paint transparent.  Tracy uses multiple layers of transparent pigments in her art to give each piece a 3 dimensional look and feel.  Tracy mixes varying mediums with her paint to achieve this.  She describes her style as realism with a splash of abstract.

Tracy has always loved drawing and started painting when her 2 children grew up and she found herself with extra time.  Tracy’s Grandmother was an artist who painted in oils.  Growing up with this gave her a love for the sight and smells of all things oil.

Tracy’s favorite subjects are small towns, cityscapes, landscapes, animals, and people.  Life in Northwest Indiana, where she has resided for over 40 years with her husband, has had a huge influence on her. Currently Tracy is serving her third year as the Vice-President of the Jasper County Art League.  The regions diversity makes it the perfect place for her to find inspiration for her paintings.  Tracy creates her art to help people see the beauty in everyday surroundings.

Artist Statement

Everyday life…  We are surrounded by beauty in our daily lives; often we are too distracted to see it. I want to help people rediscover the artistry of the things created by men and reconnect with the beauty of nature. Everywhere I look there is inspiration for my soul- a tree, a bird, a city street, or a family.   These things call out to me wanting to be captured in a painting.  This is the essence of my art, to help people see the beauty in their everyday life.

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