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Robert Stanley

inc / acrylics / multi-media

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artist statement

God, the only true creator, has given us the gift of the arts to be used not only as forms of self expression but also for the purpose of communication.  C. S. Lewis’s father said, “We read to know that we are not alone.”  I believe that this also applies, not only to literature, but also to the visual arts and music as well. 


Through my artwork, I attempt to convey the beauty and magnificence of creation which attest to the sovereignty and power of our truly awesome God.  The sunlight setting the side of a dune aglow, a child thrilled at being introduced to the idea that he or she can actually “make” music, an old man bringing a bright orange pumpkin back from the patch for his grandchild….these are examples of some of the images that excite me and for which I praise God that he has allowed and enabled me to express the simple, yet infinitely profound, beauties of all that He has made.

artist biography

My interest in art began at a very early age.  In fact, I was serious about it at the age of six and within the next few years had decided that I would be an artist when I grew up.

That early passion has never faded.

However, I had several jobs along the way….working in the construction department at Bethlehem Steel, teaching guitar, doing display work at Sears, and doing free-lance cartooning.  I was also painting, primarily in watercolor, during all this time, but finally made the decision to do fine art full time.

Being virtually self-taught, I have exhibited in several hundred art fairs in addition to juried exhibitions, galleries, and one-man and group shows.  Teaching art has also been a major involvement for me.

My interests have expanded to include children’s fantasy illustration and various other illustrative projects and styles.  I am also one of a few artists chosen to produce the artwork for posters relating to the South Shore, the last electric interurban railroad in the U.S.  It runs between South Bend, Indiana and Chicago.  These posters are a great mix of commercial and fine art.

It is a tremendous blessing for me to be doing work that I love.  I thank God for that constantly.  I am also very thankful for my wife and other family and friends who have been so supportive all these years.

I fervently believe that my work and the work of all artists should reflect his or her beliefs, values, ideals and concepts of beauty….that art ideally should relate more to the spirit than to the eye.  Integrity must be the cornerstone of our work.

Further, good artwork must be competent.  That is, it must embody the highest standards of technique, composition and design.  When any of these areas suffer, a wall is built between the viewer and the work, excluding all possibility of any meaningful communication.  When they are done well, however, the viewer is invited into the artist’s world and is impacted by a caring attitude.  An artist must really care.

My greatest desire for my work, and my life, is that they will bring glory to the God of my creation and salvation.  Jesus Christ is my reason for being.

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