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Joe Morris

multi-media painter

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artist biography

Joe Morris works as a Muralist, Fine Artist, Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Custom Bike designer, Hot Rod painter, and Creative Director that brings new opportunities to the corporate world.  A BFA from St Paul College of Visual Arts in 1999 helped developed his renaissance way of creating ideas.  Soon ad shops like Hunt Adkins in Minneapolis where hiring him to do layouts for ads during the week while Morris was selling art on the weekends.  From making show posters for the infamous First Ave in Minneapolis, to doing solo gallery shows at the Quest, this lifestyle seemed to stay with him for a while.

Morris worked 15yrs at Chicago’s Leo Burnett creating ads by day and selling art by night.  As associate creative director, Morris led ad campaigns from retail, direct mail, print, web and short films.  His creative passion challenged client briefs with big ideas and true artistic resolve.

On weekends and nights, Morris was also generating gritty Americana style Art that has developed into an underground following around the world.  He started doing more exhibits and solo shows at places Like Mars Gallery, Catch35, and unconventional places like the Double Door where he rode one of his custom bikes right into the bar.  The work is an expression of bold, less rules design.  Its more undesigned, and closer to fine art.  It’s Mix media, It’s self expression, and it’s moments in time.

Notable works including fighter series for UFC, Chicago Blackhawks, Kellogg’s 100th anniversary painting, The Who, Buddy Guy, Eric Church, Team Penske, Bruce Lee Enterprise, Korn and many more collectors around the world. 

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