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Douglas Davis

oils / drawing media

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artist biography

Douglas Davis, born in Muskegon Michigan, began teaching himself the skills of drawing and painting as a child, and continues to do so to this day.


His 30 years working at U.S. Steel in Gary Indiana inspired many thoughts and concepts that can be found in his large body of work.


Over the years he became fascinated with the imagery and endless possibilities of those painting in the surrealist style.   This style gave him the opportunity to express his own wondering imagination.  Often communicating a narrative the viewer must decipher for themselves, the idea of life’s endless possibilities can often be seen using the iconic 8 ball.


He does at times paint in the photo-realistic style, but is best known for his surrealist work -painted in his own, semi-realistic, signature technique.


Also an avid collector of rare artworks, coins, collectables, and antiques, these items can sometimes be found as part of a composition.


Retired now, Mr. Davis spends most of his time painting at his quiet home in Miller Indiana – a short walk from Lake Michigan’s shoreline, with the silhouette of Chicago’s skyline resting across the great  lake's vast horizon.​

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