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Welcome to The Complete Painter

Art Sales Network!


Simply put, we wanted to resolve the expense & inconvenience associated with

buying art through traditional galleries, as well as the risks & costs buying &

shipping over the internet.  Using our network of endorsed artists, you can buy

your favorite art when it's actually convenient for you, at rock bottom prices, all

the while, much more of what you pay actually goes to the artist! 

Imagine that!

Well imagine no longer.  The time has come where one can enjoy more of what

we all love, and make the aged olé' term "starving artist" a thing of the past.

How can this be you ask??  Read on and see for yourself!

  1. Visit our website to browse and select artworks you may want to purchase

  2. Book an appointment for a viewing in your home or workplace

  3. Buy only what you love, or pay a small $25 viewing fee if nothing interests you (fee is    deducted from the price if an artwork purchase is made)

It's as  simple as 1-2-3!


Viewing details - please visit here

Private Viewing Details

the art business - solving problems

"Aside from making art more affordable, we see ourselves as art matchmakers". 

Learn about the inner world of the art business.

And why buying art is so expensive,

yet artists still struggle to make a living!

We have the solution!

So lets change this together!

Call for artists!

Sell your art through our network

and make more money!

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