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Art Buyers info guide

"Aside from making art more affordable, we see ourselves as art matchmakers".

Jeffry Krafft

To maintain our discount prices, please be aware:

  • Because there is no obligation to buy, we sell on a first come, first served basis.

  • We only “hold” a painting if a 50% deposit has been made using our optional “Buy Now” method.  This method has no refunds – and exchanges are at the artist’s discretion.          We are more than happy to answer questions any time!

Our exclusive “Viewing Session” method is the safest, most convenient, most affordable method we can think of for collectors.  Here's how that works:

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Viewing Sessions

  1. Browse on our website for the artists available in your region. 

  2. Pay a $25 session deposit for each item you feel you may want to buy and "book a viewing" for your home or workplace (a time and place to view your selections).  We bring the items to you for review - normally within 1 week.

  3. If you decide not to buy after all, just pay a small service fee – no questions asked, and we hope to have a “match” for you next time!  Details found below:

Viewing Session Specifics


Due to the nature of our system, only artists that live within your network "region" are available to you - since art must be picked up or delivered before a client's viewing session, etc.  A client's (buyer's) region is roughly a 25 mile radius around their region's sales rep. 



However, if you are interested in an artwork outside your network's region, special arrangements may be made between you, us, and the desired artist.  An additional extended travel fee for a viewing session may apply.  Or, if you are sure about purchasing without a viewing session shipping could be arranged.

Your Viewing Selections

When deciding what to view, please request only artwork you seriously believe you'd like to buy.  The viewing session simply confirms the work is all you expected after seeing it in person.  Most artwork actually looks better in person!  But be assured, there is no obligation or pressure to buy.  We are glad you gave us a try and hope to serve the needs of you or someone you know in the future!


Unless integral to the integrity of the piece, artwork is normally presented and sold unframed for several reasons:


easal 1 ptg wht.jpg

Buy unframed and save!

Frame according to your taste!


  • Framing is a personal thing that can vary greatly depending on an owner's display environment. 

  • It increases the price just to own the artwork itself

  • Artists and galleries usually buy retail and markup the frame cost further

  • You may end up buying a 2nd better frame once you see it in your home

In addition, artist's supply costs are usually minimal compared to the framing costs.  So what happens?  They often "sit on" a piece a long time when it's expensive to frame.  Therefore, you may miss seeing an artist's best work!


buyer guide virtual framing insert A.jpg
buyer guide virtual framing laptop inser

Framing Preview


As our TV show teaches however, a work is not "complete" until properly framed.  It truly is part of the "composition" and should be considered thoughtfully.  To help clients in their buying decisions, we offer digital framing previewing during their viewing.  We even offer discount framing for clients when available.  Be sure to ask about this from your sales rep!

artist recipt book round wht.jpg



We currently accept cash, money order or PAYPAL as forms of payment for:

  • Viewing session artwork deposits ($25 per item - normally done online)

  • For actual artwork purchases (where each $25 deposit is deducted from the purchase price)

  • Or for any other special arrangements made with us such as long-distance viewing sessions or shipped items.


Note:  Once a client has made their first successful purchase, they qualify for additional payment methods such as personal check or major credit card.


long-distance buyers

To keep things simple and most cost-effective, our direct-from-the-artist system is based on local buyers and artists.  But, if at all possible, we can still pass on huge savings to those living farther away.  If we don't have a rep with a network near you, simply let us know where you live and we are happy to give you a quote on the additional costs for either travel to you for a viewing session, or shipping an item to you (see "Shipping Artworks" below for details.


Any additional long-distance client costs are simply our costs for travel or shipping.

buying from long-distance artists

With a Viewing Session

Here, you'd like to view an artwork before deciding to purchase, and live within one of our networks having a sales rep.  But the artist lives far away. 

With our buyer protections and rock-bottom prices, it can still be an incredible value and convenience!


Basically, the only extra cost buying this way is shipping the work to our rep near you, and shipping back if you decide not to buy.  This is quite rare since our online photos represent the work quite well, and paintings usually look even better in person!  However, there is never any obligation to buy if it is not exactly what you hoped for - for any reason.  (Note: Any shipping and packaging costs always include insurance.)


We protect you and any up-front deposits!

With this arrangement, once you contact us we find out if the artist is willing and able to ship, and get costs on shipping to our rep.  We then inform you.  If you decide to arrange a normal viewing session for this item, you pay our standard $25 viewing fee deposit for each item (refunded with each purchase).  You also prepay the costs for shipping to us, including insurance - which is non-refundable, and retained by us until the item is delivered to our rep.  You also pay a 50% deposit for each item shipped (refunded if you don't buy) - which is also retained by us until you actually choose to buy.  As with any viewing session, there is no obligation to buy unless you are completely happy with your chosen artwork!  And you pay nothing at all if an item arrived damaged, or is not as described online.


  • You pay our normal $25 viewing session deposit (refunded upon sale)

  • You pay shipping costs (non-refundable unless damaged, etc.)

  • You pay a 50% artwork deposit per item before shipping (fully refunded if you don't buy)

  • You pay return shipping with insurance if you pass on the sale

  • Artists are not paid for shipping until your selected artwork arrives

  • Artists are not paid for the artwork unless you decide to buy

If you do buy, simply pay the remaining artwork balance, your $25 session deposit is credited for each item and we hope to help you again in the future!

If you don't buy, any $25 viewing deposit is retained by us, your $50 artwork deposit is refunded, and you pay return shipping costs back to the artist, including insurance.

Buying Without a Viewing Session

If you are sure you want to buy a work from one of our artists, and you are too far away for a private viewing session, shipping may be available from artists whom sign-on for that option (not all artists do).

We still act as representative for both the artist, and you the buyer.  Therefore, we oversee, or actually package and ship items needing so.  And, as your representative, guarantee the item you purchase is the actual item seen for sale on our website.  Or, your money back.

Unless there is some strange occurrence, like an artist ships the wrong item themselves, etc. be aware there are no refunds on long-distance purchases having to be shipped.  Avoiding costly problems is the only way we can offer such low, direct-from-the-artist prices.

Prices for actual artworks is the same - shipped or not.  The buyer simply pays any additional costs for packaging and shipping.  If an item is not as advertised when ordering, or damaged, we pay for all costs involved - including shipping the item back.  However, if a buyer wants to make an offer with an item having an issue, just contact us and we will represent both you and the artist in such arrangements.


You pay shipping costs (non-refundable unless damaged, etc.)

  • You pay for the artwork in full before the item is shipped (non-refundable unless damaged, etc.)

  • Artists are not paid for shipping until your selected artwork arrives

ask about renting site insert.jpg

Ask About Renting

Like to switch things up more often?  Then ask about our art rental program available with select artist works normally costing $500 or more.  Our standard rental period is 3 months.  However, other rental periods may be arranged depending on the artist or artwork.


Write or call any time for full details!

ph. 219-718-5723


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