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Hello and thanks for your interest in joining our network!

Be sure to read "The Art Business" & how our system makes buying and selling art "win-win" for you and your buyers!

The Art


Questions?  Feel free to call, or use the form below.

You can also request our Artist Info Guide with complete details how our system works for you(email required).

Please be aware we need access to your artwork so that serious buyers can view your artwork in person.  Therefore, our normal service requires you currently live within a radius of roughly 25 miles from our startup locations of Griffith & Merrillville Indiana.  Downtown Chicago and the South suburbs are acceptable examples.  Farther artists can be also accepted given an artist and client agree to our "Long-Distance" option.  Call for details.

In the near future, we plan to branch out all over the country for those who live outside our initial radius.  Again, call or write if interested and we will be sure to keep you posted.

Thanks and hope to do business with you soon!  Jeffry Krafft owner

Thanks for contacting us!

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