Our Painting Reference Creation Package includes the following computer demos:

  • Renaissance Girl Photo Composition– Compose from your imagination
  • Video Shoot Photo Edit Demo - Customize and improve a still taken from a video shoot
  • Adding Subjects Demo - adding new subjects to a painting in progress
  • Flash Photo Edit Demo - Improve and work with poor quality photos given to you for painting / portrait commissions
  • Improve a poor image & size to your painting’s dimensions

This package also includes:

  • Photography tips & techniques for photo / video shoots (2 demos)
  • Methods for photographing and editing images of your artwork
  • Lighting tips for indoor, outdoor & portrait photo shoots
  • Tips & advice finding good reference for your painting
  • Alternative multi-media reference combinations

Bonus Video:

  • “Understanding Artist’s Perspective” Video

“Understanding Perspective” starts by explaining what the rules of perspective were actually based on.  Once this simple information is understood, painters can paint & draw 3-dimensional, true to life compositions, compose ideas from their imagination, and combine different photos into 1 customized composition.

These videos give artists the freedom to create anything they can image, and not have to rely on reference taken by other photographers. 

Artists can save hours, or even days of time Vs drawing or painting numerous sketches that often barely resemble what we imagine painting.

Last, since NO CAMERA MADE “sees” the world as our human eye does, these demos help us improve the flaws found in typical photography.  Therefore, we don’t end up with paintings that simply look like photographs - or worse yet - bad photographs!   

Remember, for those painting representation art, whether from real life or captured images, we artists greatly depend on the reference we paint from.  Without a good reference, great paintings are not very likely.

Software under $20, and even free downloads, can accommodate most of what we need in computer editing - a worthy investment!

The Painting Reference Creation Package is nearly 2 hours long and yours for a donation of only $30!   We pay tax and shipping!

Orders normally ship within 1 – 2 business days.

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Reference Creator Bonus Package
Only $30  We pay tax & shipping!
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