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This 3 - show special reveals the true secret to mixing colors - making struggling to match colors a thing of the past!  We then apply the "recipe" for matching any color before you.  And finally, we use this information to produce a new composition showing the entire process – conception, to critique, to finished piece. 

Many other related subjects, studio tips, and rare painter’s advice is also given during this series, making it an invaluable resource for most painters looking for new and innovative instruction. 

Jeffry’s unique way of explaining why things are done, before how they are done, really helps students paint what they want or imagine.  Also explaining the basic science behind many painting “rules” really helps students’ understanding of subjects often thought of as confusing.

Thanks for watching and we hope our videos help you reach all your painting aspirations!

This Color Mixing & Painting 3-show tutorial series is only available for a limited time at the promotional price of $50! 

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Packed with time-saving tips & professional information.  These shows concentrate on painting with any opaque (non-transparent) paint such as oils, acrylics, alkyds, gouache, etc.  But most of the information can be applied to any drawing or painting medium; helping you paint nearly anything you want!

Look for further instructional DVDs from Jeffry on subjects like understanding perspective, computer composition, painting railroads, painting history, editing photos for painting, and many more!

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Solving painter issues

Start with an idea

Visualize our goal

Select supplies & 1st coat

The secret why mixing changes colors

Evaluating the initial painting

Affordable studio lighting advice

Recycling Tips

Making the most of your supplies

Reviewing master works

Rough sketch the idea

Lighting your finished paintings

Understanding color mixing science

Tips on mixing your colors

Tips on overcoming problems

Tips making the job easier

Secrets to paint mixtures

Some unexpected visitors


COLOR SERIES 3 - Show Instructional DVDs.
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