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Color Mixing Series






From grade school to graduate school we’re taught that mixing the hues red and blue together produce violet.  But it’s never explained WHY???


But why is knowing WHY even important?  Because if you don’t, you’ll either waste an enormous amount of time (and money buying expensive paints) guessing how to make the colors you want!  Or you’ll spend months, maybe even years, trying to memorize color chart formulas – still not really understanding how they came up with the chart?


This is the reason Jeffry has researched this particular subject extensively for his own personal benefit when learning to paint himself.  Then after becoming an instructor, designed a course explaining, and literally showing, why mixing colors changes them as they do.  Understanding this helps in many ways - including determining which colors you even want to buy, and how many – without a teacher deciding for you.


And since the REAL goal is to actually create some nice artwork, he then uses what we learned to do what most painters do daily – make a professional looking composition out of some photo laying around the house (or stored deep inside your smart phone).


Learn how to create a desired “mood” thru your color mixing, along with many other time saving, practical tips on working in the studio.


If possible, watch the sample video for full details on this Color Mixing Series.




Painting Secrets Tutorial Series





Taken from Jeffry’s first televised show entitled “Painting Secrets”, this tutorial series is designed to jump start a beginning painter, right up into intermediate, or even professional in half the time.


Topics are explained in an easy-to-understand fashion, but are actually the same techniques and subject matter the best professionals use every day.  So intermediate painters often benefit from the unique, and rarely discussed material Jeffry covers. 


Unlike most schools, less time is spent influencing one’s painting style, and more on one’s painting understanding.  Having a good understanding how and why the world looks as it does, gives the student the freedom and ability to paint in any style they personally prefer.  Otherwise scores of students all end up painting like their instructor…  not very personally satisfying.


Special emphasis was given to painting snow since it offers good practice in mixing various “whites”, a color that confuses most beginning color mixers.  Our Color Mixing Series” is the perfect complement to this series for this reason.


See a detailed content description on this series on our Painting Secrets Tutorial Series page.


Reference Creator’s Package






Knowing how to stroke a brush or mix a color means little without a nice subject matter.  This package helps one make use of camera and computer technology to create almost ANYTHING the human mind can come up with!  Painters of the past painted only from life, or on actual location, under limited daylight, not because they chose to – but because they HAD to!  Today one can still easily chose to do the same, but we don’t have to – and most professionals even find it often impossible, impractical, or time consuming.


So this course is designed to help one easily “create” a reference photo that is exactly as they would like their painting to be - including a time or place one may only imagine! 


Very easy to use, affordable computer software can be purchased to do just that – along with many hands-on, traditional reference-making techniques that are actually computer free.   Many options will be at your disposal – depending on your own personal preference and time available.


Your success in creating, improving, or combining photos or drawings also depends on one more important subject – PERSPECTIVE!   Without a basic understanding in this particular topic, one’s finished painting could easily resemble a scene from “bizarro world”!  Since anyone can create that with their eyes closed, Jeffry first explains the very simple idea perspective is actually based on.  Once again, knowing the WHY makes something a bit difficult, actually very easy – you won’t feel confused, frustrated, or “lost”.


Last, since all professionals know painting is so much easier when you have a photo that looks very close to your painting idea, we include bonus demos on photo shoots, video shoots, and additional computer composition demos using different situations.


See a detailed content description on our Reference Creator's Bonus Pack page.


Note!  This “Reference Creator's Package” includes demos working with a computer – and uses standard Windows computer-based video files for graphics quality purposes.  These videos can only be played back on a computer thru your CD / DVD drive, or copied to your computer or device from a computer possessing a disc drive. 


Most any Apple or Windows operating system should play these fine.   However, if you haven't played video files before, and are uncertain about it, just call or write before purchase and we’re glad to answer any questions.

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